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journeytograndmaster's podcast

Apr 2, 2019

On this episode I discuss my last match of 2018 and my first match of 2019. Although my last match went poorly I gained valuable information from it. 

Nov 20, 2018

This week I review my latest match performance and talk about training leading to the match and after the match. Also talk about me becoming an RO!!

Sep 10, 2018

Back finally! Got the mic set up and I talk about my absence and what has happened since. I also answer some questions from listeners. Thanks for listening. 

If you are interested in watching the match video talked about you can find them here. 

Jul 7, 2018

This week I talk about my progress so far and talk about my first match. My first impressions with the Sig 320 X5 and read some recent reviews. Thanks for listening. 

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Jun 5, 2018

This week I talk about my latest match where I shot Carry Optics for the first time and discuss my performance and exploding mags!

The blog I refer to is here.